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Triple C Stables
Terry and Cindy Colello
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Clarence Center, New York 14032
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The Haflinger originated in the mountains of Austria. Bred in Tyrol as light draft and harness horses, they also worked as general riding horses and pack animals. This lighter and smaller breed, sure footed in the rugged mountain terrain, soon became one of the preferred breeds of the region.

The first registered Haflinger was born in 1874 in the village of Hafling, Austria, where it's name was originated. Their standard height ranges from 52 to 59 inches, weighing in at 800 to 1300 pounds, and are easily recognized by their deep chestnut coloring, highlighted with flowing white manes and tails.

Soon after they were first imported into the United States in 1958, the popularity of the Haflinger as a "family" horse began to grow. Today there are over 5,500 registered Haflingers in the United States and Canada, and still growing.
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They are well known for their smooth gait, gentle temperament and their versatility. Their beauty combined with with their gentle disposition and eager spirit have made them an unequaled breed.

The American Quarter Horse gets its name for it's record-breaking speed in the quarter-mile run. Heavily muscled and compact, these horses can run a short distance over a straightaway faster than any other horse! The quarter-mile is still the most popular distance for racing the American Quarter Horse. The best Quarter Horses can run the 440 yards in just 21 seconds or less! They are rather small horses, standing at around 15 hands, but they have a variety of uses.

The Quarter Horse is the most commonly used horse for ranchers and rodeos. They are good at herding stock and excellent at barrel racing and cattle roping. They are also used in show jumping. The horse's calm disposition makes it a great recreational horse for children too. The horse officially became the American Quarter Horse in 1940 when a registry was formed to preserve this special breed.

The horse is stocky, stands about 15.2 hands high. American Quarter Horses have only limited white markings on the face and on the legs below the knees. There are also 13 other recognized colors of American Quarter Horses including the most common color of sorrel (reddish brown). The others colors are black, brown, buckskin, bay, chestnut, gray, palomino, grullo, dun, red dun, red roan and blue roan.

American Quarter Horses are found in all 50 states, throughout Canada and Mexico and in more than 70 other countries. It is no wonder this breed is the world's most popular horse. It's versatility and calm, gentle nature make the horse a wonderful riding experience for both the novice and experienced rider.



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